Aims & Objectives

Drawing inspiration from the life and teachings of Christ who came to give fullness of life to all, showing a preferential love for the poor and downtrodden, we aim at the total development of the human person through the objectives listed below.

1. Faith Formation :

  • To develop in all our students a strong and living faith in God, so as to help them find meaning in life and equip them with values in self sacrifice, love and service to others.
  • To help our students to be persons of prayer who realize their total dependence on God and seek complete fulfillment in him, in all circumstances of life.
  • To inspire our students to be morally upright capable of making right decisions in life based on Gospel values and to stand by them at all times.

2. Social Concern

  • To help our students to be catalysts of social change bringing about justice, liberation and peace in society; with a commitment to the cause of poor and disadvantaged.
  • To create a sense of belongings and commitment for the community service.
  • To create a spirit of fellowship, equality and mutual respect constantly communicating the message that God is our loving Father. His love draws all men and women to one another in brotherhood and solidarity thus helping our students to break down all barriers that divide.
  • To develop a spirit of patriotism towards the motherland within the framework of a united world community and train them to responsible leadership in service.


  • To help our students to develop their talents creatively, integrate knowledge with life, evaluate ideas and events constructively and be resourceful in life’s varied situations.


  • To develop in our students maturity helping them to face the ups and downs of life in a balanced and stable manner radiating joy and contentment all around.