Children’s day celebration -2019

“Children are the gift of god let them fly with their thoughts”         childhood should be first and foremost time of enjoyment exploration and play.This day was celebrated in the school to give the rights of every child and enable them to grow up with virtues demanded by the society. Since the day is tribute to India’s first Prime Minister Chacha Nehru and his love to the children ,the potrait of Nehru was decorated with flowers. After the prayer hymn the SPL,ASPL,School cabinet ministers ,class representatives beginning from the KG section upto class X were felicitated by the Father incharge Read More..

Elocution Competition – K.G. Section

“Only the prepared speaker deserves to be confident” To promote best performances among the kids and develop their language skills, Elocution competition was organized for K.G. students on 11th of November, 2019. The prepared and confident speakers of K.G. section seized the opportunity provided to them in the elocution competition to showcase their eloquence competence. The judges were overwhelmed with the confidence and talent portrayed by the students. This competition helped them to boost their confidence, self-esteem and morale.

Activity on Tastes – K.G Section

“Food is not just eating, it’s an experience.  A food’s value is based on how good it tastes” To make the young children aware of and to have an opportunity to experience the basic tastes like sweet, sour, salty, spicy and bitter, the Taste activity was conducted in K.G section. The tiny tots were made to taste some of the common food things such as sugar, jaggery, salt, lemon, star fruit, neem leaves etc. of different tastes. This activity enabled the children to describe the taste of different foods and helped to explore experience the sense of taste and smell.

Yellow Day – K.G Activity

Yellow is the most luminous of all the colours of the spectrum. It is the colour of happiness, optimism, enlightenment, creativity, sunshine and spring. The kindergartners celebrated Yellow Day on November 4th, 2019. The classroom was beautifully decorated with yellow coloured objects. Students from each section sang rhymes on yellow colour, while some tiny tots explained the objects in yellow. Himanshu of UKG spoke about the significance of the colour yellow. The program was attended by the Vice Principal Mrs. Irene Cardoza and the head teacher of Primary section Mrs. Irene Rodrigues who explained the kids about the significance of Read More..

Deepavali Celebration 2019 – KG Section

“Like the light of the lamp brings brightness in the dark, let us pledge to spread goodness in everyone’s life” Deepavali, the festival of lights was celebrated by the K.G. students on 31st of October 2019 with great enthusiasm and excitement. The celebration of Deepavali began with a prayer song. The correspondent Very Rev. Fr. Denis D’sa, the Vice Principal Mrs. Irene Cardoza, the head teachers Mrs. Irene Rodrigues, Mrs. Shyona D’Almeida and the teachers of K.G. section lighted the lamps. The students of UKG enlightened the other students about the various rituals and importance of the festival. Students from Read More..

KG Section Cotton Ball Activity 2019

Kids love cotton balls. They get so much fun with simple activities. As the second term commenced, the tiny tots of kindergarten had cotton ball activity. Each child brought a cotton ball to contribute towards this activity and started working on their fine motor skills. The teacher described them the texture, colour and uses of cotton ball which helped them to improve their vocabulary and language skills and to learn some important uses of cotton. The kids were made to stick the cotton balls on pre-drawn outline drawings which made them to learn to make craft using cotton balls.

Condolence Assembly to Rev. Fr. Mahesh D’souza, 21st October 2019

It is said “Old go to death, but death comes to the young”. It is the fact that which is most troublesome and we all have to bear the pain of the irreparable loss which is created by the untimely demise of our beloved Principal Rev. Fr. Mahesh D’souza. It is birth which is followed by death. Death is the reality of this mortal world. On 21st October 2019 the school, students, Vice Principal, head teachers, teachers along with the Correspondent Very Rev. Fr. Denis D’sa, Assistant Parish priest Fr. Ashwin Aranha, the Vice President of the Parish Pastoral Council Read More..

The Sad Demise of Fr. Mahesh D’souza – Principal, Don Bosco Eng. Med. School, Shirva

FOND REMEMBRANCE Rev. Fr. Mahesh DSouza Birth : 30-03-1983                Ordination : 15-04-2013            Dear to God : 11-10-2019   The Don Bosco School grieves at the untimely death of the Principal Fr. Mahesh D’souza on 11-10-2019. The entire hamlet of Shirva and the district of Udupi was shocked to hear the demise of Fr. Mahesh, Assistant Parish priest and the Principal of Don Bosco English Medium School, Shirva. Fr. Mahesh D’Souza hails from Moodubelle. Born on March 30, 1983 as the second son of Frederick and Matilda D’Souza, he was ordained as the first priest of the newly erected Udupi diocese Read More..

Fruit Salad Day – KG Activity

“The Pearl of health is hidden in a fruit” Fruits and health mutually complement each other. To reinforce the importance of healthy eating habits, to emphasize the need of fresh fruits in a child’s daily diet, to educate them about the taste, texture, colour and health benefits of each fruit and also teach them the value of sharing,  the Fruit Salad Day was celebrated in the KG section on 5th of October 2019.Parents took interest in sending their wards with fresh fruits. It was a pleasant sight to see the children coming to the school carrying their favourite fruits. Children Read More..