CESU – Secretary

I am delighted to learn that a website has been launched exclusively for Don Bosco English Medium School, Shirva. Thank you for your request to send my message for this website.

In this tech-savvy world, a dedicated website plays a significant role. We get a mine of information at the click of a button! Today there is nothing that is unavailable or inaccessible to us, thanks to the technological progress. The world has indeed become a global village; we are in a position to get in touch with anyone anywhere in the world without losing any time. The website which you have launched for Don Bosco English Medium School will serve as a source of information for the public and especially for all those who wish to admit their children/wards to this prestigious institution. The public will surely come to know the vision and mission of the Institution, its core values and the various activities the School will organize to impart holistic education to the students. The information to be made available through this website will surely enlighten and inspire the parents to make the right choice when it comes to choosing the right Institution in which they want their children/wards to study.

Don Bosco English Medium School was started thirty five years ago with a commendable aim in mind namely to impart value-based education to the rural students. The school has grown from strength to strength all these years in spite of the challenges and hurdles. As we remember with gratitude all the Correspondents and the staff for their dedicated service which has facilitated the growth of this great Institution, we recognize the challenge that is before us – to make it a real temple of learning. If all goes well, this school will be upgraded into a CBSE school in the near future. The affiliation team sent by the CBSE Board has certified that the Institution fulfills all the requirements that the Board stipulates. I congratulate you, the local Correspondent, the staff, the members of the Parents Teachers Association for the interest they have evinced in the growth and development of this Institution. May God bless our efforts to impart value-based education that will humanize, liberate and transform youngsters into persons of character, competence, conscience, compassion and commitment(from the vision statement).

Rev. Dr Lawrence DSouza 


Catholic Education Society Udupi