An Entrance Gate – A memorial of Akvin Lobo

Loving memories never die
As years roll on
And days pass by
In our hearts a memory is kept
Of ones we loved and
Will never forget

The journey beyond is something inexpressible. 26th of April 2018 a tender, loving soul was plucked to adorn the Heavenly domain. Akin Lobo lovingly known as ‘Akku’ embarked for his heavenly journey. Some souls come in our lives and quickly go leaving footprints on our hearts. To keep those footprints moving the loving family of Akvin desired a noble cause to sponsor for the Entrance Gate leading to the temple of knowledge.
The inaugural ceremony was held on 27th April 2019 after the Saturday evening mass. The members of the family, Correspondent Very Rev. Fr. Denis D’sa, members of the Managing Committee were given a floral welcome. The official opening by cutting ribbon of the main entrance was done by Mr & Mrs Ignatius Janet Lobo. The side two entrance by Mr & Mrs Kevin & Anitha Lobo and Brother Anvin Lobo. The Correspondent lead the blessing rites by a reading from the Holy Bible and a reflection on it. He said let the entrance be a gateway from ignorance to knowledge, from darkness towards light and from death to life. He sprinkled the Holy Water and blessed the entrance. The Principal Rev. Fr. Mahesh D’souza appreciated and thanked Akvin’s grandparents, parents and brother for their good will and they were felicitated and honoured along with the Contractor Mr. Michel D’souza.
Rev Fr. Ashwin Aranha, Rev.Fr.Kiran Nazareth, Rev.Fr. Sunil Mathias, relatives of Akvin, members of the Managing Committee, staff and a large number of parishioners were present for the ceremony. Mrs Irine Cardoza compered the programme, Mrs Irine Rodrigues proposed the vote of Thanks and the school choir lend their melodious hymns and music.