Annual Day – Secondary Section

The Annual School Day for the High School took place on 29th November.  Gods blessings were invoked by the Primary School Choir.  The SPL Avni Ferrao welcomed the audience.  The Correspondent was the President of the Day and an eminent. Multi-talented, a personality depicting simplicity and humility was Udyawara Madhava Acharya, retired Professor, Orator, short story writer, Poet, Choreographer and Theater Director.  His message was full of appreciation, praise and respect towards educational institutions by religious missionaries and paid his respect to Fr Tellis.  He considered himself privileged to be honoured.  Though he shuns from honour he accepted it at the behest of Rev.Fr Mahesh D Souza.  He said that Teacher student relations bond should be strong.  Today there is fight for religion, caste, creed, etc and education is that weapon which will fight and free these differences.  Let education become value based and not money or media based.  He was honoured by the Correspondent and dignitaries on the dias with a shawl, head gear, fruits, memento, sapling and a portrait of Mother Theresa.

          The Correspondent in his Presidential message praised the Principal and staff.  Its the first Annual School Day after CBSC application.

          The expectation are high and we have to meet that expectation and keep the standard. One has to change oneself. Let challenges turn into opportunity. Working in unison is the essence of success. He appreciated the gentle personality and simplicity of the Chief Guest. Parents,Teachers teach human values love and deeds of love are very powerful. Parents spend time with your child. Lets change our students with love and they will be better citizens of India .

       Harikrishna N. Bhat was honoured with a shawl, memento ,sapling for achieving first Rank at SSLC examination 2017- 18 . Proficiency prizes and trophies for athletes and team games were given . The Principal presented the Annual Report . Neil Lobo introduced the Guest, ASPL Adlen Correa expressed words of gratitude and the programme was beautifully compered by Huzaifa Zakir and Arwin Meneszes .

       Both the evenings entertained the audience with their exuberant, colourful, vibrant dances and skits.