Annual Sports Meet Valedictory Programme 2018

“A hard beginning make to a good ending”

Every good thing has to end, after witnessing the joy, anguish, excitement, anxiety the Annual Sports Meet was coming to an end. On 12th October 2018 the valedictory programme event after the most awaited event of the Relay and to add moments of excitement and surprise was a Relay of the Pastoral Committee with the staff. The joy, happiness of the spectator to see the priests running the race was remarkable. The winning squads secured the highest points were announced. Boys squad was Ashoka and Bharath whereas Nethravathi and Narmada in the girls section. The total Champions for the year 2018-19 were eleven and they were honoured with trophies. Ceremoniously the flag was lowered by the Correspondent, the champions ran around the field holding the flag. Anwith Shetty handed over the flag to the Correspondent. The Physical Trainers put off the torch. The Correspondent in his message said that he was immensely delighted with the Sports Meet; he congratulated the Principal Rev. Fr Mahesh D’Souza, the PT teachers Mr. Vishwanath, Miss Rashmi and Miss Pooja Udupa. Fr also appreciated and thanked the staff, students and parents for their support and encouragement.

Mrs Irene Cardoza proposed the Vote of Thanks. Mrs Laveena D’Souza compared the programme.