Awareness of Social Media, Problems of Adolescence

“The conflict between the need to belong to a group and the need to be seen as an unique individual is the dominant struggle of adolescence”

The young generation is in a state of confusion under many conflicts they face at this juncture called as the adolescent stage.  He or She is neither a child nor an adult.  To enable them to cope with the conflicts an awareness programme was organized on the 1st of August. Four groups were made, Boys section two groups class 5 to 8 and another Class 9 and 10. 

The resource persons were Mr. Leslie Aroza, Director of Family Commission Udupi Diocese and Counselor for students and youth.  He dealt the boys group on adolescent problems.  Mr.Amar M Sequeira Asst Professor of Bhandarkars College, Kundapur spoke on social Media and its effects on adolescence.

Mrs. Pratibha D Souza, Principal of Dhanvanthari Nursing College, Udupi and Mrs.Sara D’Silva Lecturer of Dhanvantari College addressed the girls on adolescence problems and how to overcome. There was a very good interaction between the students and the resource person. Many of the problems and dou

bts were asked by the students for which they got a satisfactory answer.   This programme really helped the students.