Blue Day Celebration – K.G. Section

Colour day gives us the opportunity to take our children into a magical world where colours come alive.  In order to emphasize the importance of Blue colour, the school conducted Blue Colour day celebration for K.G students on 16th of January 2020.  Blue is a cool and calming colour that symbolizes creativity, truth, wisdom, and serenity.  The celebration began with a prayer song and continued with various activities like singing rhymes and jingles on  Blue colour.  The students presented various objects related to the Blue colour.  The classroom was decorated with blue coloured balloons and objects.  The Principal Mrs.Myrtle L.F.Lewis called the tiny tots to   adopt the quality of Blue colour and always to be truthful  in their lives.  All the children enjoyed this special day and went home with ‘save water’ bookmark as a token of remembrance.