Cabinet Installation and New Correspondent’s Welcome

The air was full of mirth and joy on the morning of 14th June 2018. It was a day when the new cabinet for the academic year 2018-2019 was to be installed and a formal warm welcome to the new Correspondent and the Assistant Parish Priest. In a systematic in the line of democracy the school elections were held on 11th June 18. The programme began with a welcome dance by the students of Bharatnatyam, welcome song followed by a symbolic prayer service. Mrs Irine Rodrigues welcomed the gathering. The Principal Rev.Fr.Mahesh D’souza introduced the Correspondent Very.Rev.Fr.Denis D’sa and the Assistant Parish Priest Rev.Fr.Ashwin Aranha. The Correspondent ministered the solemn oath taking for the leaders. The SPL and ASPL were honoured with a sash, badge and a bouquet. All the other ministers were honoured with a rose.

SPL – Avni  Ferrao

ASPL – Alden Correa

Sports Minister – Priston Gomes

Cultural Minister – Vaibhav Poojary

The portfolio for the other ministers was allotted like cleanliness, discipline, water etc.

Avni Ferrao and Alden Correa expressed their views and thanked the students for their trust and support.

On the occasion the school Souvenier ‘Bosco Ray’ was launched and the Editorial team was recognised with a flower.

The Correspondent began his address with a song and made the student’s sing too. He appreciated the warm welcome given to him and Fr.Ashwin. Everything was systematic and well organised. The prayer service was meaningful. He appreciated and recognised the hard work of Fr. Mahesh. He is the captain directing and guiding the institute. He has put his heart and soul for the success of the school. He congratulated the SPL and ASPL and said you are the link between Principal, teacher and the Managing Committee. Recognised and congratulated the in charge teacher for the systematic election. He narrated the story of the Golden Buddha and advised the students that they are all the golden Buddha and allow your teachers to explore your hidden talents. Follow Devotion, Dedication, Discipline, Punctuality and Cleanliness.

“Don’t just hear but listen

Don’t just see but observe”

A sapling was given to the Correspondent and the Asst Parish Priest as a token of our love. Melissa D’Souza proposed the Vote of Thanks.

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