Dwitiya Sopan Examination


  On 9th of February 2018 we attended the examination of Dwitiya Sopan in Kadiyali. Around 40 students with our scout master left the school at 8:30. Before living the school our Principal Fr Mahesh Dsouza addressed us. He spoke the words of inspiration. We all were very excited and a little nervous. Finally we got inside the bus.

In the bus we were learning the questionnaires given by our scout master. We also learnt some types of bandages and practiced knots. Our journey was a safe one. Finally we reached the destination.

    We all got down from the bus. We in a disciplined way went to place where the camp was held. Most of the schools had arrived before us. Although we had reached early we started learning the knots. We had good refreshment.

After some time we all gathered together for the flag hoisting ceremony. All the leaders from different schools stood in horse shoes formation followed behind the scouts and guides. The commands were given and the flag was hoisted. We sang our prayer song. In the assembly some instructions were given about our examination. We sang our national anthem and dispersed.

After the assembly we were given a sheet of paper in that we wrote some information’s about us and our examination started. There were Guide Captains and Scout Masters to examine us. They sat in five groups. In the 1st we submitted our prayer song. In the 2nd group we submitted flag song. In the prayer song the guide captain made us to sing together. But the scout master with whom we submitted our flag song he made us to sing individually. In the 3rd group we submitted the scout guide law. All students were moving here and there to occupy the line in which there were fewer students. In the 4th group we submitted our promise. The Guide Captain was very polite towards the students. In the 5th group we had to submit the motto, sign, salute and left handshake and we finished our oral examination.

It was already afternoon. All the students were discussing about where we are going to have our food. One scout master announced that which school will assemble in front of him, he will give them a prize. The guides of our school assembled first and the scouts second. Like that the other schools assembled there. We were eager to listen for his announcement. He announced that we are going to have a lunch in Kadiyali Mahishamardini temple. The scouts went first and guides followed them. There were rowers and rangers to guide us. We reached the temple through a narrow route. We removed our shoes and socks. We had to wait for a long time in the queue. Finally, we got the food. My friends and I ate the food sitting together in the meal hall. The meal was delicious. Some enjoyed the food and some didn’t.

After the meal we returned to the place where the camp was held. We had a short break after the lunch. Now it was the time to write our written exam. We were around 300 students we sat together on the ground to write the exam. The guide caption was dictating the questions and we were writing. We wrote the exam .The exam was little bit tough. After the examination scout masters and guide captains collected our papers and started correcting. And also they announced the correct answers. But the guide captains and scout masters was with us to announce the matter. After that the scout master announced us to submit some knots and bandages with some guide captains and scout masters. The time was less and we had to submit the knots. All of them ran to bring ropes and started submitting. And also we had to take the sheet of paper which we had got in the morning to the Scout masters and Guide Captains. It was already 3:45. All students were running here and there. The announcement was done to assemble in one place. Finally all assembled in one place. We had flag lowering ceremony. We lowered the flag, sang the National Anthem and dispersed, it was already 3:50 there itself. It was too late. Then we came to Shirva around 5:15.Thus this was my best experience.

We thank our Scout master Mr Umesh for guiding us and making us to attend the examination.

Thank you one and all.

Pranamya Tantry 7th B

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