Eco Club Educational Trip


To get a firsthand knowledge out of the class and text book 22 students of Sanjeevini Eco –club were taken for an educational trip on 6TH november 2017 by the in charge teacher Mrs Irine Cardoza and Mr Umesh Kanchan . they visited places of importance in and around Udupi. In Manipal they visited the University Garden. The visit to Nandini Milk Dairy and the Udayavani Press was very useful. They were able to acquire complete knowledge of various methods of processing milk like Pasteurization, Preserving filling in the packets, making ghee, butter, sweets etc. Udayavani Press enabled them to see the working of the printing machines and how a newspaper is printed. Visit to Temples inculcated the values of respecting all Religions. The trip was very valuable as students got an opportunity to see the working of these places.

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