Fruit Salad Day – KG Activity

“The Pearl of health is hidden in a fruit”

Fruits and health mutually complement each other. To reinforce the importance of healthy eating habits, to emphasize the need of fresh fruits in a child’s daily diet, to educate them about the taste, texture, colour and health benefits of each fruit and also teach them the value of sharing,  the Fruit Salad Day was celebrated in the KG section on 5th of October 2019.Parents took interest in sending their wards with fresh fruits. It was a pleasant sight to see the children coming to the school carrying their favourite fruits. Children brought variety of fruits such as bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, watermelons, Sapodilla, Kiwi etc. Their excitement had no bounds until they showed their teachers, the fruits they had brought.

To begin with the children in turn dipped their fruits in the water bowl. The teacher demonstrated how to wash the fruits and why it is necessary to wash the fruits. She showed them how to peel the bananas, oranges and how to cut the fruits. The chopped fruits were arranged artistically in the plates. Each child was asked to mix a spoonful of fruits in the mixing bowl. Children along with their teacher had great time while preparing the fruit salad and definitely no one had tasted better fruit salad earlier than this special day. The Principal and Mrs. Irene Rodrigues visited the section during the preparation session and encouraged the tiny tots. It was indeed a fruitful day.