Fruits Salad Day

Fruits are healthy food and everyone relishes it.  On the last day of the first semester Fruit Salad Day was organized.  Students with joyful smiles entering their classroom holding their favourite fruit.  They were anxiously waiting to handover their fruit to the teacher.  They brought variety of fruits like bananas grapes, apples, oranges and even watermelon.  The teacher first instructed the little ones to wash their hands.  Then in turns they brought their fruits and dropped them in the water bowl.  The teacher demonstrated how to wash the fruits and why it is necessary.  After washing she wiped the moisture with a towel.   And the teacher told about the different colours, texture and tastes of different fruits.  She showed them how to peel a banana an orange and how to cut the fruits.  After chopping all the fruits she kept them separately and asked the students to put one spoon of each fruit in a mixing bowl. Later the teacher mixed all the fruits and served the students and all the teachers in a cup.  The students relished the yummy fruit salad and some asked for a second serving.  The Principal visited during the preparation session and encouraged the tiny tots. Mrs. Irine Rodrigues encouraged and appreciated with her presence.  In the afternoon they had an activity of sorting the grains and sticking them.  It was indeed a very happy and activity fun filled last day of the first semester.  The kids learned a lot of new things.