A Karnataka Darshana Pravasa was organized by Bharat Scouts and Guides Udupi District Association. It was five days Pravasa which started from 18 th December to 22 nd December. 10 Scouts and 9 Guides students of our school participated. Mr. Umesh, Scout master and Mrs. Reshma Pinto guide captain went along with the students to attend the 5 days Pravasa.

We were said to reach at 6:30 am near the school on 18 December. Our Principal Rev. Fr. Mahesh D’Souza guided us and wished us all the best. From school we went to the district
association Kadiyali, Udupi. There were students of 15 schools from Udupi district .There were 5 government KSRTC buses .The heads of the Pravasa gave some instructions .They gave us toothpaste, brush ,cap ,bag and T-Shirt. We started the journey at 8am. First we went to Murdeshwara. There we a saw the big statue of Lord Shiva .We saw the temple and went inside the Bhakailasa caves. It was the story of Lord Ganesha. The carving of that was wonderful. From there we went to HONNAVAR, there we had the lunch. From Honnavar we went for Hubbali.It was the journey of 137 km. On the way we visited a big temple named Marikamba temple. It was in Sirsi. After visiting the temple we started our journey to Hubbali. On the way we enjoyed the beautiful scenaries of the Ghats. The roads of the Ghats were wonderful. On the way we visited another temple named Sri Madhukeshwara temple in Banavasi. It was built by Kadambas many years ago. That temple was very old. The structure of that temple was a marvel. The architecture and carvings were beautiful. From there we continued our journey and reached Hubbali at 8:30 p.m. That place was very cool. We had the dinner in a hotel and halted at Sri Siddharudha Swami Dharmashala. At 6:00 a.m in the morning w got up had the breakfast and visited Sri Siddharudha Swami Temple. From there we went to Badami. First we visited the lower temple named Banashankari temple. From there we went to see the cave temples.

The cave temples were at great height. We climbed more than 100 steps to reach those caves. In that caves there were structures of Gods and Godesses like Vishnu, Chamundi, and Nataraj etc.
Those caves were built by Chalukyas. It was very beautiful; from that height we saw a lake, some mountains, houses, windmills etc. From there we went to see Hanagal Sadashiva Swamijis Shrine. It was very beautiful. From there we visited Dakshina Kashi Temple. In that temple there is a belief that the Ganga River from Kashi flows and comes to the South. There was a neem tree near the pond. For that neem tree they have tied a cradle. They say that anybody who puts some money or whatever they have according to their limits and pushes the cradle their wishes are fulfilled. It was very beautiful. We had lunch there itsef. From there we visited Pattadakallu. That place had many temples like Virupaksha Temple, Jumbalinga Temple, Galanath Temple, Kadasiddeshwara Temple, Sangameshwara Temple, and Mallikarjuna Temple etc.

We saw the writings written in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Sanskrit. It was built by Chalukyas. From there we went to Aihole. On the way some competitions took place like singing, action song,
and drawing, pick and speak etc. Some students from our school won the prizes. We reached Aihole at 5.30 pm. We went and saw the beautiful temple such as Goddess Durga and Durgagudi. From there we went to Kudalasangama, We had food and halted at Shri Basaveshwara Sharandham. At morning 6:30 AM we had breakfast and went to Sangameshwara temple. We went to Shri Basaveshwara Aike Mantapa. It was in the middle of 2 rivers joining Malaprabha River and river Krishna. It was a huge underground structure. We went inside and saw Shri Basavehwara’s Samadi. From there we went to see Lal Bahadur Shastri Jalashaya, Almatti Dam. It was a big dam.There was a rock garden near that dam. In that garden we saw the big structures of reptiles, dinosaurs, crocodiles, horse, tortoise, fishes etc. From there we went to visit Plaza Gardens. It is a garden of American, Italian and Moughlai styles. It is like Brindavan Garden.We saw the fountains, different types of flowers, trees, plants etc. From there we went to see Golgumbaz in Bijapura. The tourist guide of that place gave us information and history of Golgumbaz. It was very big. To reach the huge domb we climbed many steps. It was very beautiful. From there we went to Hosapette. It was
night and we did’nt reached Hosapette. So we halted at a lodge on the way of Hosapette. Next morning at 5:30AM we got up and went to have breakfast. After breakfast we went to Hampi. There we saw the famous stone chariot, Kudure Mantapa, Virupaksha temple, Kadalekalu ganesha, Sasivekalu ganesha etc. We had fun. We enjoyed a lot. From there we went to Chitradurga Fort. It was 5:00PM when we reached there. We went inside the fort. It was a very big fort. We saw Obbavva’s Kindi we went and came out from it. We enjoyed it very much. At night we had lunch and came to Udupi at 6:00AM. Our school bus came to pick us. We enjoyed a lot over there and experienced the 5 days pravasa a lot.

We thank Mr Umesh our Scout master and Mrs. Reshma Pinto our Guide captain for taking care of us in the camp. It was very good. We thank our Principal Rev.Fr. Mahesh D’souza for allowing us to go to the camp .

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