Karnataka Darshana

It was a pleasant day and a excited morning on 18-12-2018 because we were all going to Karnataka Darshana. We started our journey from Udupi at 6.30 a.m We had some refreshments. The first visiting spot was Murdeshwar. This is a very beautiful place with large Shiva Temple and 18  

Storied  pyramid [gopura]. We had our lunch in Suvarnagadde Zater. we went to Sirsi. Then we visited Sree Marikamba Temple ‘Sirsi’. There were attractive paintings. At 5.30 pm we reached Banavasi. There were many stone carved idols. The guide gave us some information about the temple. We took rest at night in Hubli. The next day we saw some temples. We began our journey to Badami. We saw caves, idols and also the temples later we went to Pattadakallu. There we saw temples made of rocks and stones. Then we visited the famous temples of Aihole. There are 125 temples in Aihole. A guide gave us the information about the history of Aihole. He also said that how the name ‘ Aiholi’ came to that place. In the afternoon we visited Banashankari Temple which was a very good place. Then we went to Kudala Sangama to take rest. The next day i.e, on

20-12 -2018 we visited Kudala sangama temple. After that we went to the Alamattidam. There were 2 gardens and these were very beautiful. Next we visited Golgumbaz at Bijapur. It was a very beautiful structure. There was a hall like structure known as ‘Whispering Gallery’ . Then we saw the musical fountain. At 7.30 the musical fountain started it was very wonderful to see. Finally we went to hosapete and we stayed there. The next day we started our journey to Humpi. Hampi is historic place, it was the capital of Vijayanagara Empire. There we saw stone chariot and Virupaksha Temple. These had very beautiful architecture. Then we began our journey to Chitradurga. In Chitradurga we saw stone fort. We went and saw Obavua’s Kindi. It was very amazing to go inside the fort. Then we visited the last spot of Karnataka Darshana i.e, Muruga mutt. It was like a Museum. Then we had food, we started our journey back to Udupi.

Totally, it was a very good experience and is a unforgettable experience of my life.