Kinder Expo – 2020

As children need the freedom to appropriate the infinite resources of their hands, their eyes and their ears, the resources of forms and materials, sounds and colors were utilized and displayed by the tiny tots of kindergarten section. Kinder Expo – 2020, the Science, Art and Craft exhibition was held on 8 th of February 2020 at the school premises in the K.G section. Mrs. Rajashree Nambiar the Professor of Sri Madhwa Vadiraja Institute of Technology Bantakal, the alumna of the school inaugurated the first ever Science, Art and Craft exhibition by cutting the ribbon and said “Ever child has a hidden talent within itself but it is the duty of the parent and teachers to help the child to bring out this talent and encourage the child to nourish it. Kids need to be inspired to take up activities like craft making, Science model making from their very early stages of learning itself.

This will not only boost their self confidence but even help the child in its physical, mental and psychomotor development.” Sr. Ida D’Almeida the Principal of Don Bosco Play School unveiled the curtain of Kinder Expo -2020. The Expo had a very attractive welcome display. The various activities and knowledge gained in different subjects were displayed, various models of village life science, maths, daily objects, art and craft, experiments on scientific principles were performed by little students. This Expo exposed the student’s knowledge and ability through their creativeness and enhanced their team work spirit. Rev. Fr. Ashwin Aranha, Miss Myrtle L.F. Lewis the Principal of the school, Mrs. Irene Cardoza the Vice Principal, Mrs. Irene Rodrigues the head teacher of primary section, the members of the school Management Committee and the parents were present during the inauguration function. Peter Menezes and Sia D’souza of kindergarten Compeered the program. Mrs. Shyona D’Almeida the head teacher of K.G. section proposed vote of thanks.