Kindergarten Activities for the year 2018-19

“ Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their packages at different times “

        A child entering the portals of the school is a blank sheet, time and activities enables each one to bring out that hidden potentiality. Each child is unique and to unearth that talent various activities are conducted by the vibrant, innovative teachers of the K.G section.

         One such acivity was “ Dough  moulding “ At first some were reluctant to mess their tiny hands , but later on they came out with unimaginable creative art. This dough moulding enables the child to develop their motorskills cognition which helps in the future. Next they  had “Palm Impression”, where they dipped their hands in the colours and imprinted them on the chart. The joy on their face to see their palm impression was something that cannot be described . “Trees are the poems that earth writes upon the sky”  To appreciate the value of trees Vanamahotsava and Green Day was observed.  Different objects and vegetables with green colour were  kept  and the tiny tots observed in what they saw green colour.   Also small trees were made of chart given  to each   child   taken to home as a gift  on Green Day .  Along with the Principal, Rev. Fr.Mahesh D Souza the students planted a sapling.  In a short span of one and a half month the tiny tots enriched their knowledge and in the coming months many more activities are yet to bubble out.  So keep on watching.