‘We all do better when we work together and invest in our future’

          Our investment is the students of today and citizen of the nation and the world at large tomorrow.  Together we work and strive for the best.  With these thoughts the Parent Teacher Interface was conducted in four session on the 12th and 13th of July 2018.  The first session K.G  section, second – class 1 to 4,  Third- 5 to 7 and last- 8 to 10.

                    Principal message for the K.G parents to have good relationship.  The CBSE syllabus is from class 1 to 9.  Next year the first batch of class  10 will appear under the Central Board Exam.  We have experienced senior teachers and it is child centred school.  Teachers plan their lessons and activities one month ahead.  We are pronding extra facilities like smart Board, Computer Classes, A.V Room, Library, Laboratories, Auditorium, Drawing Room, School Bus,  Mid-day meals, for  K.G twice milk and snacks.

          See that your child comes in time to the school,  clean uniform, boys hair cut properly, girls with long hair, 2 plaits, speak in English with your child.  Send umbrellas or raincoat, check their bags, books, homework, diaries etc.  Sometimes they carry some other students things,  if so then return it back the next day.  See they don’t bring chocalates or any other play things.  K.G section parents can meet the teachers on saturday and other days after 4 p.m.  Higher classes after school.  On birthday don’t give sweets in the class or in the bus.  Don’t allow children to get addicted to mobile.  Id cards are given to the students.  When your child is sick, don’t send them to school.  If any clarification or problem then  come and meet personally.  Don’t talk negetive comments about the school or teacher.  Avoid children eating  junk food.  The school magazine ‘Bosco Rays’  is given read it, also check the school website to see the various activities uploaded.  Pay in time school fees, bus fees and mid-day meals money.  We expect your co-operation.  Don’t expect the school bus to come till your door.  If any problem, you can consult the counsellor.

          In the 1st semester 1st test that is from 25th july  to 27th.

                   1st Term Exam in September

                   2nd Test December

                   3rd Test February

          In second  Semester the best mark from 2nd and 3rd test will be taken.  After 1st Term and 2nd Term exam  there will be an Open Day to show the papers and result.

          For test it will be 30 marks and Term exam 80+10 from the test ,5 for books and 5 for project.  Give more attention  to Content Enrichment  Activity and they submit in time.

          Students have to be present on Independence Day and Republic Day.

          All the teachers of the respective section were introduced.  Fr proudly said we achieved 100% result and got the affiliation too.  The Scouts and guides students will participate in Rajya Puraskar and Rashtra Puraskar exams.  The parents had positive appreciation, like best school, infrastructure is nice, mid -day meal is good, our children are happy to come to school.  Ex-students have apreciated.  The Correspondent highly appreciated the Principal.  He compared Fr to a  captain that is, due to the able guidance, dedication and determination he along with his team of dedicated teachers have achieved affiliation,  100% percent result and are giving  quality education.  He said there are three places  and people  that influences a child first Home and Parents, second school and teacher.  Third society and friends.  It is a triangle and in the center is the child.  Parents, it is not that you have admitted your child to a school, so it is their responsibility, no it is your’s too, it goes hand in hand.  A child is with  you most part of the day. Today  we are  becoming a slave of media.  Children’s models are film star, sports person, etc, parents are not their role-models.  A light enlightens gives knowledge.  He appreciated  the efforts and dedication of Very Rev.Fr. Stany Tauro.

          To form the Parent Teachers Association-2 parent representatives were chosen  from each class- section A and B.


          Prayer hymn was sung by the teachers.

                             Welcome                     Master of Ceremony   Vote of Thanks

K.G.Section        Mrs.Reshma Pinto       Mrs.Zarina Lasrado     Mrs.Laveena D Souza

1 to 4th                 Miss Nidhi                   Mrs.Jenifer Sunitha     Mrs.Leena Lobo

5 to 7th                 Mrs.Priya Noronha     Mrs.Juliet Sequiera      Mr.Umesh Kanchan

8 to 10th               Mrs.Philomena Barboza Mrs.Cynthia Periera Mrs.Reshma D Souza