Parent Teacher’s Interface Programme

“Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations.”

      On 13th March 2018 a Parent Teacher Interface Programme was organised in two sessions. One in the morning for Class LKG to 4th and in the afternoon from Class 5 th  to 9 th. The Guest speaker was    Prof Mathew C Ninan the ex-Principal and the present Director of Little Rock School, Brahmavar. The morning session started at 10.00 and afternoon at 2.00.The teachers sang the prayer song and welcomed by Mrs Irine Rodrigues-morning, Sr.Lethisia Pias-afternoon. Guest introduction was done by Principal Rev Fr. Mahesh D’Souza. The talk given by Prof Mathew was very relevant and much appreciated. He laid the stress that if the father of a child is stationed here then both of them have to attend the PTA meetings. The logic behind, is it that if parents give importance to the activities of the school, then the child learns automatically to give the importance to his/her school. In today’s world the word in vogue is parenting where parents need to have lots of skills and responsibilities to handle a child. It has become a tough job sensibly and sensitively. Sometimes parents are defensive and supporting towards their child’s behaviour, their unconditional love doesn’t mean they have falsify the facts. A teacher can identify the students behaviour among the peer group, seniors etc and make the parents aware of it. At this juncture parents should co-operate with the teachers. Education is not just passing the exam, but shaping and moulding a child’s life and future. To start a CBSE school is the need of the hour and many throng for admissions in these schools. Why CBSE? It is directly under HRD, Govt of India. The syllabus is prepared by the National Council of Education Research Training-NCERT. It enables and prepares a child for various entrance exams like CET, NEET, JEE Mains etc. Command over English language which will help in communication for the future. Parents don’t compensate on fee structure and consider it as an expense rather accepts it as an investment for your Child’s future. Select best teachers and to retain them management has to pay well. To get an infra structure at the beginning itself is really noteworthy and count yourself fortunate to get it on a platter. To install all the gadgets and necessary equipments it cost a lot and the maintenance too is very high.

      In today’s world technology is a great distraction for students. Give your child what they want and not what they need. Today’s young generation suffer from plenty and lack of vitamin N and that is to hear the world NO. See the child is neatly dressed as that helps in building Self Confidence. Appreciate the child when it does something good. Never touch your child in anger. We have three types of parents:          1) Passive parents – no control over the children 2) Excessive parents – no freedom for children 3) Assertive parents- Parental authority. Never worship your children. Parent’s judgement is subjective whereas teacher’s judgement is experienced. Today’s parents compensate their time and love with material gifts. Some doubts and clarification questions were raised to which Prof Ninan gave convincing and satisfactory answers. The Principal’s announcements in regard to some changes for the next academic year. Arrangements for the meal will be near to the school as a new canteen will be constructed and will be ready by June. At present we have 4 K.G teachers next academic year there will be 6 teachers, new play area, snacks and milk twice a day. The dates of the results of each class were informed. Note books and text books would be given on the result day. Class 1 to 6 will have the new uniform, please place your order as to how many pairs you need. Uniform shoes will be provided from the school in the month of September. About school Re-opening will be informed later as now we will be fowling Central Board Orders. In his Presidential address the Correspondent expressed his gratitude to Prof Ninan for stressing on important points to the parents, giving a clear picture of CBSE education system and clearing certain doubts. He has been a great guide and adviser to Fr. Mahesh from the moment we implemented the CBSE curriculum. Parents try to remember and inculcate some of the points mentioned by him. His entire talk was based on child centred. I pray God Almighty shower him with good health and peace of mind. You are witnessing the immense change in the infra structure of the school building and the campus. To provide this we had to spend a lot of money, but God is with us and I have full faith and confidence that our Mother Mary will provide all our needs to accomplish the task. Parents every day we are walking a step forward and you are co-operating and walking with us in all our endeavours. We are ever grateful to you and pray God Bless You All.

      As a token of our love and gratitude a memento was presented to Prof Mathew C Ninan by the Correspondent.

      The Vote of Thanks in the morning was proposed by Mrs. Cynthia Pereira and afternoon by Miss Renu D’souza.

    Morning programme Mrs Cecilia Lewis compered and second session, Mrs Gretta Noronha. The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.

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