Patron’s Day

 “There can be no virtue without obedience”.

The Patron’s Day was grandly celebrated on 31st January 2019 in the school auditorium. The Correspondent Very Rev. Fr. Denis D’sa, Chief Guest Mr. Jayakara Shetty Indrali, Vice President and Secretary of Parish Pastoral Council, Co-coordinator of 18 Commission and members of the Managing Committee were ushered to the stage with the rhythm of the school band. The school choir invoked God’s blessing with a prayer song. Rishal Manila Mathias welcomed the gathering. Sherwin Corda read a passage from the Holy Bible and the students prayed the prayer of the faithful. Haily Cabral and Andrea Monis quoted famous quotes of St.Don Bosco. Anson Nazareth described the life of Don Bosco.

The Chief Guest was felicitated by the Correspondent and the Guest on the stage. In his message the Chief Guest stressed that a student life is the best period in a person’s life. To achieve success we have to work hard. Learn to respect and obey the elders from childhood. He changed the climax of the story of the Cap seller and the monkey, that in the end the monkey did not throw the caps. Same way the present generation is far ahead in their thinking and innovative ideas. Make good use of all the opportunities given to you.

The Correspondent appreciated the prayer song, ushering of the guest and the students speeches. He asked few questions related to Don Bosco. He said that God and Don Bosco is like a GPS guiding and protecting you at every step. Pray to him. May he bless you and all of us.

The Vote of Thanks was proposed by Avin Mendonca and Joylin Mathias compered the programme. 2 short dances on Don Bosco’s song were performed.