PTA Meeting Dec 2019

A parent teacher interface was conducted by the school on 20th December 2019. The parents of LKG to grade IV attended the program held in the morning session.

The new principal of the school Ms. Myrtle L.F. Lewis was introduced to the parents by the CESU secretory Fr. Vincent Crasta. Eulogy to late Fr. Mahesh D’souza was read out by St. Letitia Pais. Later on, the session was taken over by the guest speaker Mrs. Deepa Bandary who is a counselor and remedial teacher at A.V. Baliga Hospital, Doddanagudde, Udupi. She called upon the parents to let grow their children emotionally, intellectually, knowing about their culture and traditions. She asked the parents to instill confidence in their children, make them aware of the importance of time keeping, to build thinking capacity in them, teaching them communicating skill, take up small responsibilities of life and to accept their children as they are.

While answering some of the queries of the parents principal Ms. Myrtle L.F. Lewis said that student, parent and teacher relationship is triangular, where the student is at the center. She asked the parents to boast the confidence of the child by encouraging them to play and participate in sports activities. She promised to do her best for the school in fulfilling the dreams of late Fr. Mahesh D’souza.

In the post noon session, the parents of grade V to X were present, this session was addressed by Dr. P.V Bandary, a renowned psychiatrist at A.V. Baliga Hospital, Doddanagudde, Udupi who described some of the teenage characteristics of the students to the parents and asked the parents to be aware of their rebellious nature, curiosity to do what is told not to do and to experiment. At this age students look for models to follow in their life, they want their identity to grow and they seek independence. Therefore, parents need to be cautious at this age in handling their wards.

Mrs. Cecilia Lewis introduced the guest speakers, Mrs. Irine Rodrigues and Mrs. Irine Cardoza read about the annual activities conducted in the school. Mrs. ShayonaD’Almeida and Mrs. Philomena Barboza welcomed the gatherings. Mrs Priya Fernandes and Mrs. Priya Martis proposed the vote of thanks. Mrs. Shaziya Begum compared the program.