Quiz Competetion

Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people.

          Knowledge from the subject books and scoring academic ranks is not very important, but simultaneously an individual needs to have general knowledge regarding  to  other things,  To inculcate this quality and to expand their horizon of basic things squad wise Quiz competition was organized from Class 5 to to 10th on 11th December in the afternoon. Sr Lethisia welcomed and informed about the procedure, rules and scoring method.  There were altogether 12 rounds covering areas of General Knowledge, identifying famous personalities, places, objects used in the kitchen, different leaves of trees, recognising the spices from smell in a packet and scientific aspects.  The question not answered by the squads was passed on to the  audience and the student giving the correct answer was given a pen.  Sr.Lethisia, Mrs.Ivin D Souza and Mrs.Irine Cardoza conducted the Quiz Round.

            Mrs.Ivin D Souza proposed the Vote of Thanks.