Rainbow Day Celebration

“Inside every child there is a rainbow waiting to shine”

The colourful Rainbow was brought down to school by our kindergarten students on 3rd of February 2020. Rainbow Day was celebrated by the toddlers after celebrating all the colors of Rainbow throughout the year. The main objective of this activity is to deliver the concept of “Rainbow Colors” and to teach the students to be united like the colors of rainbow. A beautiful program was organized by the teachers and students of kindergarten where they performed various rhymes and dances on rainbow colors. The classroom was decorated based on the concept of Rainbow.  Toys and objects were also brought based on the theme. The Principal Miss. Myrtle L.F. Lewis, Vice Principal Mrs. Irene Cardoza and the head teacher of Primary section Mrs. Irene Rodrigues were present during the program and gave their message of the day. Each child was given a rainbow colour paper craft as a take home gift.It was an excellent learning experience for children, which will enhance their learning experience and visual discrimination.