Sand Activity K.G. Section

Children are creative and it’s our responsibility to nurture their novel ways of thinking by encouraging them to harness their creativity and independent thinking.

One of the most inviting ways to teach kids to write is with sand. Teaching children to write should be stress-free and fun. In this activity the child will use 2 senses – Touch and sight. The tiny tots of L.K.G learnt to trace number and alphabet through this activity. The teacher prepared the colour sand and spread glue in the shape of letters and numbers, and then she encouraged the child to sprinkle the sand on top of the glue. Once the glue and the sand dried, the teacher allowed the students to recognise number and alphabet using the senses of touch. This was amazing to know how kids learn and understand things around them. The best thing we can do for our children is to allow them to do things by themselves. This activity helped the children to recognise and write the numbers and alphabet, to develop its fine motor control and eye hand co-ordination.