Scouts Guides spent a day out at Kunjargiri

There is a proverb “ Whole day work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and hence, not to make our scout guides dull and bored at school, we took them out on an excursion to a famous hill mountain called Kunjargiri. It was also an important day “World Thinking Day i.e. 22 nd February 2018 and a perfect day for hiking.

The students left the school premises at 9:40am and reached Kunjargiri cross at 10:00. It was a perfect day for hiking, a day of sunshine with light breeze keeping us cool on the way up to the hill.

The hiking took place group wise, first being the All Faith Prayer Group which was the rose and wolf patrol. Second in line was Flag Construction Group which was lotus and tiger patrol. Third was Cooking Group which was sunflower and cheetah patrol and the final and fourth was Cultural Programme Group which was jasmine and horse patrol. We came across by following some signs.

We set up our camp for the day at a very famous spot where Sri Madhwacharya (A Hindu Philosopher (Also known as Purna Prajna and Ananda Tirtha) was born in the year 1238 . Upon settling down the camp Flag construction was done.

The day was fun-filled and had lots of entertainment and fun. The students invoked God’s blessings through prayer service by All Faith Prayer group followed by refreshments of tasty snacks and juices. It was indeed very refreshing after a long walk to the camp.

A short Assembly was organized and after the assembly the scouts were taken to Shri Durga Devi Temple, Kunjarugiri.

It’s a famous temple situated on a hill rock near Sri Madhwacharya’s birth place. The scouts were excited as it was a walk to the hill top where the temple is situated. The scouts enjoyed the walk to the temple and walked shouting “Bharath Scouts and Guides ki jai”. It was a very amazing journey and every student enjoyed the walk which was climbing nearly 150 steps in the cool weather.
Once on top the scouts had a beautiful view of the surroundings which covered Padubelle/Moodubelle/kurkal grama filled with beautiful coconut and many other trees and flowers. Distantly they could even spotted the Kaup Light House which can only be viewed from Kunjarugiri Hills. It was indeed a beautiful and memorable view to be remembered for

Upon instructions from teachers students had a pious and quiet visit of the temple and some students even prayed. Excursion day finally came to an end leaving behind vivid memories of the day. It was indeed a day full of information, fun and joyful lifetime experience.

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