Sorting and sticking the grains activity

“Learning and having fun what the kindergarten curriculum encapsulates”

Sorting is beginning of math skills in the minds of little kids. It is a basic form of algebra. It is the ability to identify similarities and difference among a set of objects and to group and name them accordingly. It is also child’s first step in the math activities of matching, sorting and classifying.  Sorting actually starts with identifying characteristics such as colour, size, shape and texture. The tiny tots of KG section were given many grains mixed to sort out, which attracted their attention and glued them for a long period time. Later they started to work withlining up the sorted grains within a given outline drawing. They were excited to prepare a collage using the sorted grains. The goal of this activity was to make them learn numerical concepts and grouping the numbers, to get practice with sorting at an early age and to train the little brain to create more organized things in future.