Tribute of Love

Gone but not forgotten

         “An Angel from the Book of Life wrote down our students birth and whispered as she cloned the book Too Beautiful for Earth”

         Every educational institution’s goal like a potter is to mould the soft clay and design the best pot. All the pot may not be destined to achieve the purpose for which it was made. All the keen sight, touch of love, admiration didn’t meet the potter’s dream for the broken pot. The broken pot can be well correlated to the cherubic soul which entered the heavenly journey with his tiny feet’s.

         The sun shone brightly like every day. Nature was awake and full of life. Somewhere dark grey clouds were floating and hovering over the campus of Don Bosco School. The sunny morn broke the sad news Aditya is no more. Eyes filled with tears and heart heavy laden with grief all trod towards the school. God saw him suffering the pain in silence, and said  its over clasp my hand and come into my kingdom of love and happiness. Every eye held back a tear.

         Unimaginable to see the lifeless Aditya, who was always bubbling with life. A smile and bright eyes were logo. Adi, 28th February 2018 will be a memorable day for all of us. We pray Almighty grants you eternal peace in his Heavenly Kingdom.

Miss you dear Aditya

         “Sing me no songs,

         Tell me no tales,

         Cry me no tears,

         But remember me kindly.”

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